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About The Receiver Group

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The Receiver Group was formed in 2015 with the vision to strive for excellence in receivership services, business development and growth.  

Company Overview

The Receiver Group exists on the core values of ethics and professionalism and focuses on equitable solutions through receivership.  Our guiding principles to Protect, Manage, and Resolve, have become a solid framework that pave the way to success within our appointments.  Our team and dedicated associates work swiftly and efficiently to accomplish the goals of each case keeping in perspective the big picture, the parties involved and equity at stake.  Let us show you how we can help you.

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Our Services

The Receiver Group offers multiple services to meet your needs whether they be a form of receivership, property management, asset protection or expert witness services.  CLICK BELOW on each service for further detail.

Receivership Services

     Commercial Receivership
     Residential / HOA Receivership
     Business / Equity Receivership
     General / Other Receivership

Property Management Services

Real Property Preservation & Protection Services

Expert Witness Services

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Partner Profiles

Ryan Gulick
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Ryan Gulick, founder of the Receiver Group, is an experienced court receiver of all types of matters.  For the last 16 years, he has served in various receivership estates and appointments, spanning various types of disputes and resolutions.  Ryan started as a receiver in distressed real estate and asset protection in 2006.  Recognizing the upcoming economic downturn and wave of residential and commercial loan foreclosures due to the recession, Ryan endeavored to build a professional receivership firm.  For the next 7 years, Ryan successfully established himself as one of the top skilled and appointed receivers in Colorado.  In late 2015 Ryan founded The Receiver Group to expand on his vision and drive to be the most trusted and equitable solution when receivership is needed.  He specializes in many types of appointments ranging from post judgment collections, equity disputes, real estate protection and management, and cannabis industry specific matters.  Ryan is also a real estate professional, knowledgeable in both residential and commercial industries.  His overall guiding philosophy is “trusted equitable solutions” where in every case, fairness, and his approach to protect, manage and resolve are the keys to The Receiver Group’s success.

Just the Facts:
Where From?  Denver, CO, yes one of the few still here.
Educated:  Colorado State University, Ft. Collins & Lincoln University, Christchurch NZ
Years in Receivership Industry:  16
Priorities:  My family, wife and kids are my first priority!
Passionate About:  Enjoying each day as it comes, being present, being kind, laughing every day
Pursuits:  Golf, Fly Fishing, Skiing, Tennis and raising my kids
Weird Quark:  Everything is better spicy!
Exotic Places Lived:  New Zealand and Alaska
Likely to Waste Entire Paycheck On:  Outdoor gear at REI
Favorite Activity:  All my pursuits with my kids, walks with my yellow lab
My Zen Places:  Warm summer evenings, middle of the fairway and 100 yards to pin, a saltwater flat off coast of Florida stalking tarpon and redfish, top of a mountain, sunlight etching through the trees hitting fresh powder, or relaxing in front of a crackling fire next to my favorite trout stream

Heather Nagle
Download Heather’s Contact Info

Heather Nagle, co-founder of The Receiver Group, has been working side by side with Ryan since 2011.  Heather’s combined professionalism and nimble approach to each matter contribute to The Receiver Group’s success in serving dispute resolution and asset protection appointments.  Placing an emphasis on integrity, Heather strives to uphold that their services are the most trusted in the industry.  For the last 9 years Heather has served in a wide range of appointments, including homeowner debt collections, cannabis restructuring, partner disputes, financial fraud and lender foreclosures.  In 2019, Heather played a key role in expanding our receivership services to Chicago, IL, broadening her knowledge in the various state-by-state receivership laws.  Heather also spearheads The Receiver Group’s residential and commercial property management services, offering homeowners and lenders a headache-free alternative to investment properties.

Just the Facts:
Raised:  Barrington, IL (NW suburb of Chicago)
Graduated:  University of Wisconsin-Madison
Years in Receivership Industry: 11
Pursuits:  Skiing, golf, horseback riding and piano
Weird Quark:  Slightly OCD
Binge: Seafood and Mexican food all day, every day – Not necessarily together
Lived Outside of US:  London, England and Epinal, France
Most Likely to Spend Paycheck At:  Izakya Den Sushi Restaurant – or Amazon
Favorites in Professional Sports:  Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs World Champions, Rory McIlroy and Wisconsin Badgers
Furthest place traveled:  Japan
Days Not Working are Spent:  golfing or skiing

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Company Overview
Our Services     |     Partner Profiles