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HOA Receivership Feasibility Report

Let’s face it, receivership is and can be difficult to understand, let alone how it can help an HOA.  Good lawyers know how to explain what we do and how we can help, but allow us to take you one step further to reinforce and confirm their advice – by conducting a receivership Feasibility Report.  We developed a report that helps explore a complex situation and shed light on a potential receivership’s uncertainty.  

Want One?

Simple.  You can always call us at (303) 928-1100 or email at ryan@thereceivergroup.com to discuss a potential matter.  It WILL save the HOA the time and expense of a failed receivership if certain factors can be understood prior to a receivership appointment.  To request a Feasibility Report online CLICK HERE.

What is it?

It is a detailed report that explores if receivership is the right choice, based on any known information and circumstances available.  Basically, it is a professional analysis of whether or not a potential case would be successful, if placed in receivership.  It identifies the potential risks, costs, and or issues that may become obstacles and outlines the potential paths to success.

The Receiver Group uses over a decade of experiences in real property receiverships to put the report together.  There is always information that will not be known until the actual receivership appointment begins, that’s just the nature of these matters.   We take every bit of information available and apply our professional knowledge and research to compile the most comprehensive analysis possible. 

**It is important to note that the work we do to prepare a report does not violate FDCPA (Fair Debt Collections Practices Act) rules, we only conduct due diligence on the prospective matter to ensure that receivership is appropriate.  

 Why we do it:

We try to take the “guess work” out of it and provide a piece of mind to a very complicated process.

Sometimes there are factors that may preclude a property from being a good candidate for receivership.  Our Feasibility Report allows you to review these factors.  The information, in conjunction with the professional knowledge and experience of The Receiver Group, may set the stage for a successful receivership, allowing the parties to know various risks and potential costs prior to moving forward.  They may also save a client thousands in legal fees and receivership costs if a matter is not right for receivership.

No matter what, the Feasibility Report proves a valuable tool in knowing what may lie ahead should the receivership be chosen and how success will be sought once the matter moves forward.

What can a Feasibility Report do for you:

Our Feasibility Report is designed to help HOA boards, community managers, and attorneys make the best decision on whether receivership is the right type of resolution to their matter.

Our goal is to educate everyone involved prior to a receivership appointment.   The report also sets expectations, so that when the appointment begins there is a general understanding of the various risks involved.   We believe a Feasibility Report is beneficial to anyone reviewing their legal options and a potential receivership.

The bottom line…nobody wants a failed receivership.  To request a Feasibility Report, call us at (303) 928-1100 or to fill out an online request CLICK HERE.